Toilet Services & Repair - Southern Utah

Plumball is the trusted Southern Utah plumber and provider of toilet services in Saint George, Utah and the surrounding areas.

The average person spends nearly 450 months on their toilet over their life. And everytime a toilet breaks, the average plumber charges around $220 to fix it. Next time you consider fixing or replacing your toilet, you should think about having a high-quality, long lasting fixture. New advancements have given people better choices for toilets when it comes to comfort, water volumn usage, and longgevity. Here are some things you should think about when having a toilet installed in Southern Utah.


One or Two Piece Toilet for your Southern Utah home.

When choosing on a toilet, the first thing to consider is choosing a one or a two-piece toilet. Both toilets will function in similir ways, but there are cons and pros with each style. A one-piece toilet has a rounded edge, making it more simple to clean. Because there is no seem, there’s less of a chance for leaks. If you prefer the two-piece style, cleaing is more involved but repairs can be less pricey since the entire toilet does not need to be replaced. If what you want or need is easy cleaning, you might want to consider the wall-mounted style option.

"Rod from PlumbALL provides great service! He came the same day I called and actually made a few trips back throughout the day to ensure my sump pump was repaired before a storm hit. He got a new pump, installed it, and came back one last time to make sure it was working. Rod maintained communication all day while he was coming a new pump and when he would be back. Overall Rod was very efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. I will call him again and I will refer PlumbALL to my friends and family"
osha Onani in Southern Utah

Concealed or Skirted Toilets in Southern Utah

In addition to a traditional style, there is also a concealed or skirted trap-style toilet. A concealed trap works well at smoothing out some of the plumbing located in the rear of the unit. A trap that is skirted has a “skirt” that surrounds the toilet, which hides the pipes and makes it look completely clean. The trap that are concealed are the most popular units because they hide some of the plumping but still has a shape of a toilet. A toilet that is skirted is slender and easy to clean because there are no grooves or places for dust to gather. Seat options such as the gental-close, washlet, plastic or wood-like are available.