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Plumball is the trusted plumber and provider of toilet plumbing services in Saint George, Utah.

Between the toilet leaking water, being clogged or overflowing or the tank valve filling slowly or not at all, addressing toilet issues can take time and will likely need professional know-how.

If you need toilet repair or renovation service, PlumbALL’s technicians are your best choice to complete the job. If you need a plumber in St George, Ut our plumbers will provide top notch service. Trust our knowledgeable plumbing repair professionals to complete top quality work that leaves our customers highly satisfied.

We are proud to offer friendly and reliable service from well trained and experienced professionals. If you need water toilet repairs or a replacment in St George, please call PlumbALL for reliable service from our team of qualified professionals.


High Efficiency Toilets installed in Saint George.

Have you been putting off investing in a high efficiency toilet? Most traditional, low-flow toilets don't have the power to get everything down in one flush. Are you flushing more than once or toilets that did'nt quite finish the job?It's more than frustrating - its gross. Technology has come a long way and there's actually an upgraded, high effeciancy, energy-saving, toilet.

If you're looking for an environmentally option then a high efficiency toilet is a great retrofit investment. Pro-rated, high efficiency toilets have been celebrated for it's performance. This class of toilet offer near 1.28 gallons per flush,. Low flow toilets use more water.

"PlumbALL was great to work with. They were able to come to my home within a couple of hours to assess what was needed to fix our water heater. Three hours later we had a new water heater installed and running. Rod was very easy to work with. He was quick and efficient with no hassle. I will be recommending PlumbALL to everyone!"
Annette Frazier in Saint George, Utah

Install a high efficiency toilet to surpass traditional toilets in terms of efficiency and lifespan.

The EPAs standards and evolving technology have allowed for increased efficiency in toilets. The result is greater efficiency and a longer lifespan. No more multiple flushes and low-flow plunging issues when switch to a high efficiency toilet.

Ask us about the different modern and high efficiency toilet options available. There are still two-flush toilets that provide savings as well as pressure-assisted toilets that use less than a gallon of water each time they are flushed.

By switching to a high efficiency toilet, the average family can save around $2000 during the lifespan an upgraded toilet. That's a total of about 4,000 gallons of water annually. This is not only better for your pocketbook, its better for the environment. Many homeowners in St. George, Utah are trading in their frustration for peace of mind by replacing low efficient toilets for a new, upgraded option.

If you are renovating, having flushing issues or just looking for a way to make your home more environmentally friendly, consider switching over to a high efficiency toilet. You should not have to deal with the low-flow toilets that have been bringing you stress over the years. Trust an Eco-friendly plumber at PlumbAll.