Plumbing Leaks and Repairs in
St. George, Utah

Catch a leak before it becomes a devistating problem

Restore maximum comfort and convenience to your home with the help of PlumbALL. From leak repair to new plumbing installation in St George, UT.

Small signs of water problems can soon turn into cracks in walls, ceiling even concrete slabs and foundations. Leaks in piping indoors, piping and sewers outdoors and or in pools can be huge problems. When you see a problem or hear water running through the pipes or in the walls or suspect you have a leak you need to take action quickly. Big or small, a leak can be critical to your budget and to your property value. You must take the right steps to properly detect and solve your problem.


Do not pay excessive charges

Do not worry or stress about property damage that results from waiting too long or worse having the wrong people on the job. Our plumbers will find where the leak is occurring and determine the best way to resolve the issue. Call us now, we will solve your leakage problem effectively.

"PlumbALL was great to work with. They were able to come to my home within a couple of hours to assess what was needed to fix our water heater. Three hours later we had a new water heater installed and running. Rod was very easy to work with. He was quick and efficient with no hassle. I will be recommending PlumbALL to everyone!"
Annette Frazier in Saint George, Utah

How to Identify Leaks

Sometime water escaping past a shower curtain or a shower door can show signs that appear to be leaks. This is one of the most common type of non-intentional water leakage in a bathroom. Although minor this kind of leak can be the cause of serious damage as water leaks into the subfloor. Before long the existing flooring can begin to mold or become lose. At it's worst this kind of leakage can cause subflooring to deteriorate or rot. This becomes expensive for the home owner as it may require a renovation or serious repairs.

Signs of trouble

On the surface you may see curling of vinyl flooring or loose tiles next to the shower or tub. You'll also see peeling of paint or flaking. Water stains on the ceiling or walls are also a sign of leakage. Dark spots that appear as mold on the wall or floor is sign of a posible leak. If you use a shower curtain look for puddles of water on the floor.